2023: the year AI becomes a business priority

AI is taking the world by storm, and investments are no exception. What do financial institutions think regarding this ‘new normal’? What can we actually expect from integrating AI into the investment process? From Deloitte to McKinsey, Forrester and more, here are 5 short insights on which steps major financial institutions are taking following the widespread adoption of AI.

Forrester forecasts AI Software will grow 50% faster than the overall software market

Source: Forrester, "Global AI Software Forecast 2022"

84% of institutional investors say ‘yes’ to AI in the investment process

Source: CFA Institute "Enhancing Investors’ Trust – the 2022 CFA Institute Investor Trust Study"

AI increases performance, revenues, AuM and shareholder value

Source: Deloitte "Wealth and Asset Management 4.0"

About 9 out of 10 financial institutions consider Open Innovation partnerships a strategic priority 

Source: Cornerstone Advisors "The State of Bank-Fintech Partnerships"

Most commonly adopted AI use cases, by function

Source: McKinsey "The state of AI in 2022"

Start Integrating AI Into Your Investment Process