Our Platform: Sphere®

The Problem: Financial Markets are Complex

Today, an investment professional's main challenge is to sift through data and face market complexity to make clear and informed decisions. We condensed our experience and research in AI in a no-code platform that can support your investment decisions by making you see through inner market dynamics, create adaptive portfolios, and perform AI-driven rebalances.

Our Proprietary AI Technology

MDOTM's proprietary AI technology uses the power of cloud computing, big data, and state-of-the-art AI to tie behavioural finance findings with science, and turn market anomalies into profitable investment solutions.

Every day, our technology - through sophisticated Deep Learning techniques - analyses all listed securities gathering information from macro, fundamental and market dynamics, such as how a sudden hike in interest rates can alter risk premia or how sector correlations could evolve in different scenarios.

Our technology blends all of this with a daily analysis of market regimes and their forecasted evolutions, in order to create clear and forward-looking investment inputs that reflect potential changes in market conditions.

Get a Holistic View
of Financial Markets

Get ahead of market complexity. Sphere's built-in Market Outlook feature will give you forward-looking insights across all asset classes to help you shape your investment views in minutes and complement your decision-making process.

Build Hyper-Customised
Portfolios at Scale

Design your investable portfolio in every aspect. With Sphere you can leverage Artificial Intelligence and easily integrate constraints, complex investment objectives, and custom views.

Experience Assisted Rebalancing

Enhance your portfolio. Choose how much to change your portfolio and where it should be headed; our technology will do the heavy lifting and build adaptive portfolios that reflect potential changes in market conditions.

The Science Behind Sphere®

Discover how the most advanced, no-code solution for investment decision-making works. In this paper we explain the benefits, path, and outcomes that you can expect from incorporating Sphere® into your investment decisions.

Download the White Paper

Start integrating AI into your investment process with the most advanced no-code solution designed by investment professionals, for investment professionals.

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