The Era of AI Democratization: Tommaso Migliore At The European Institute

2/03/2023 - Tommaso Migliore at the European Institute

Our CEO Tommaso Migliore was invited to the European Institute of Institutional Investors to discuss the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our daily life and work life, emphasizing its ability to enhance the way Investors make decisions during their investment process.

He showcased various AI products including #ChatGPT for text input-output, #Midjourney for image processing, and our platform #Sphere for the investment industry, detailing how they have all significantly contributed to revolutionise and enhanced our decision-making process.

During the conference, Tommaso shared his insights on:

  • What it means to live in the era of AI democratization
  • Why Investment decision-makers cannot ignore AI anymore
  • Clients’ success stories of AI adoption for Asset Allocation using Sphere

The goal of Tommaso's speech was to demonstrate that AI represents a strategic step forward for institutional investors and integrating it into the investment processes has become strategic priority in 2023. Our platform Sphere anables investors to easily embrace AI in portfolio management and asset allocation, while at the same time preserving Investors’ unique point of views and objectives.

Hyper-personalization is at the core of Sphere, since, as Tommaso said during his speech, "Technology must adapt to fit and boost any investment professional’s routine ﹣ not the other way around."

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